Modern Design Lipstick Red Lip Shaped Bocca Sofa Set

Item No.: S004
PORT: Guangzhou/ Shenzhen
Description Details
. Designed by Studio 65 in 1971
. Solid wood inner frame
. High density foam
. Wool fabric upholstery
. The striking visuals grab attention and come in a range of colours to suit individual needs.
. Goes well with the redlip sofa chair & Heart Cone Chair

Lipstick Red Bocca Sofa
A big kiss for modern decor. The Bocca Sofa was first designed in 1971 by Studio 65. This playful pop art piece has been recently reissued, made out of wood inner frame with a pouty lower lip for comfortable lounging indoors and out. At nearly 7 feet long--and in the signature lipstick red color--it is modern design sure to get people talking.

.Width: 201 cm
.Depth: 78 cm
.Height: 83 cm
.Seat height:

.Packing Dimensions:81*207*84 cm
.Volume m3: 1.41
.N.W: 36.6 KG
.G.W: 45.6 KG

.Frame: Wood
.Fabric: Wool fabric


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